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Baby Backs

Domestic (born, raised in the USA and the world's finest) pork baby back ribs have been the standard at Carson’s since 1977. We smoke our ribs in a genuine wood burning pit using natural hickory. Our process includes no chemical tenderizers, no marinades, no rubs, and no liquid smoke. There are no boiled, fall-off-the-bone ribs here. The meat pulls away from the bone but doesn't fall apart – providing a mouthwatering “BBQ Rib Chew” without any toughness, and because we dip the ribs into our legendary sauce before we smoke, both the sauce and the smoke are infused into the meat.

Heating Instructions

Cheesy AuGratins

Often called decadent, this homemade side dish is best described as a rich, cheddary, potato casserole.

Award-Winning Slaw

A uniquely creamy, slightly sweet, chopped cole slaw, with a nice horseradish kick. A truly amazing compliment to our barbecued meat entrees.

Espresso Fudge Brownies

Only Nadine Korman’s amazing imagination and passion for all things sweet can explain how we discovered her and her bakery, La Mousse, in Los Angeles some 35 years ago. That’s right – we don’t “home-make” this scrumptious dessert. We just know that you’ll love it.

The Sauce

Ah, the sauce. Even one so familiar with it, must pause at its grandeur. It is a sauce brilliantly poised between molasses sweetness and spicy tang. To quote a group of barbecue lovers, “it’s a sauce so good, we’d gladly drown in it”. We simply and affectionately refer to it as, Art in a Bottle.